Monday, February 20, 2012

Zounds! Chicken Zoodles!

So, this may be the most delicious soup ever. And I have to humbly bow to The Meanest Momma for this wonderful recipe that is completely paleo-rific. You can find the whole recipe at that link, but here's the secret: the zoodles are zucchini "noodles," made by clever use of a julienne tool. I made my own stock from the chicken bones, natch, and it feels and tastes like soup that could really do a body good.


  1. I'm glad you like the recipe! It's one of our favorites too. And I love the julienne slicer, it's my new favorite kitchen gadget!

  2. I have to tell you, I'm making it all the time! It is just spectacular. Thanks again for the recipe. I've tried making chicken broth and soup before, but this version is just awesome. I love the shredded chicken and the spices are just right. I have learned not to put the zucchini zoodles in until the last minute, though!