Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finally reading 'The Primal Blueprint'

If, like me, you've read every paleo/primal book in the world except this one, time to get it. Bought it on iBooks today and it is fabulous. Packed full of great info, all written intelligently and well. I should've known, considering the Mark's Daily Apple site and blog is one of the best and most readable out there. Thanks, Mark Sisson!

(p.s. I was excited to see how long it is! More reading pleasure!)


  1. Hello from New Zealand. I saw your blog on Jimmy Moore's site and was intrigued by your blog title, because I have always wanted to visit Alaska. So I've popped over to have a look around. I'm glad you've found Julianne's site, she is an inspiration.

  2. And hello from Alaska - I've always wanted to visit New Zealand! That's a great list that Jimmy Moore compiled of new blogs, I'm honored to be one of them. Thanks for visiting!